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A sample engine for action shooter game. Includes perfected collision system, shooting, and a nice ai system (thing to highlight).
You may download this for use in your games or just to test your skills and beat all other dudes in level.
Oh yea, and it's lite compatible.
Cat:Examples Views: 314 Downloads: 103 Added on: 11.07.2009 Comments:0

A simple example that shows, how to create alternative to hspeed movement (with improved collisions, friction, and jumping (vspeed)).
Cat:Examples Views: 291 Downloads: 117 Added on: 04.07.2009 Comments:0

Fresh rpg stat example! includes: health,mana,armor,damage,strength,agility,intellect
+ rpg_update() function, that should be called after changing one of stat\base values - it recalculates all character props.
+ rpg_level() function, created to allow simple level-up'ing, while improving stats
+ example of nice ui text drawing.
Cat:Examples Views: 280 Downloads: 91 Added on: 04.07.2009 Comments:0

A simple and commented example that shows, how to add multi-jumping into platformer games.
Cat:Examples Views: 309 Downloads: 108 Added on: 29.06.2009 Comments:0

A simplistic puzzle-platform game, mostly oriented on timing.
Includes 5 tutorial levels, 9 game levels, and the level editor, which was used to create all game levels.
Includes blocks, crates, elevators, jumppads, water and more.
Play, and leave a comment (with your level code, if you want to).
Cat:Games Views: 377 Downloads: 159 Added on: 28.06.2009 Comments:3

That's a compiled version of my strategy battle engine.
Nice turnbased engine: movement, attacking, skills.
This is interesting to test because it requires tactical planning and has a quite powerfull AI engine.
Cat:Games Views: 367 Downloads: 167 Added on: 28.06.2009 Comments:0

Nicely done game menus are also a important element of game design, have you noticed that?
This one shows a example of smooth menu highlighting, which gives a nice feeling to the game.
Example is made in gm7lite.
Cat:Examples Views: 279 Downloads: 92 Added on: 23.06.2009 Comments:1

Tile system, similar to the one warcraft 3 uses. So it gives you nice blending perspectives and one-code-line dynamical changing of tiles without losing any fps.
Developed for using in top-down games.
Cat:Examples Views: 597 Downloads: 202 Added on: 23.06.2009 Comments:1

A example of system that generates a random maze, mostly hard one.
It is average commented, but it does not require understanding of concepts of it's work to be used (all simple - you call a function and get a maze).
Cat:Examples Views: 627 Downloads: 260 Added on: 23.06.2009 Comments:1

A simple tds engine which includes shooting, weapon changing, several kinds of ai, has good depthsorting, and is made in gm7lite.
Cat:Examples Views: 726 Downloads: 316 Added on: 23.06.2009 Comments:1

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