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Have fun and practice
Cat:Games Views: 534 Downloads: 189 Added on: 15.10.2009 Comments:0

A 3d arcade game with high number of features, including online highscores.
Cat:Games Views: 340 Downloads: 148 Added on: 08.08.2009 Comments:0

A simple game with high replayability that'll test your platforming skills a bit.
Cat:Games Views: 362 Downloads: 146 Added on: 08.08.2009 Comments:0

You may know this game of mine already, since it was published quite a time ago and suggested for featured by many players.
This is a puzzle-platform game that evolves many levels of different style, that will test both your timing and mind skills. With all these, includes a advanced level tree, so you always have a choise.
Since every storyline ends, you get some minigames to play.
Cat:Games Views: 437 Downloads: 250 Added on: 11.07.2009 Comments:1

A simplistic puzzle-platform game, mostly oriented on timing.
Includes 5 tutorial levels, 9 game levels, and the level editor, which was used to create all game levels.
Includes blocks, crates, elevators, jumppads, water and more.
Play, and leave a comment (with your level code, if you want to).
Cat:Games Views: 377 Downloads: 159 Added on: 28.06.2009 Comments:3

That's a compiled version of my strategy battle engine.
Nice turnbased engine: movement, attacking, skills.
This is interesting to test because it requires tactical planning and has a quite powerfull AI engine.
Cat:Games Views: 367 Downloads: 167 Added on: 28.06.2009 Comments:0

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