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A example of script, generating random strings (can be used for captcha, password, etc.)
Space to generate new text. Variables (coloring, characters to include) can be costumised in the start of event.
Cat:Examples Views: 983 Downloads: 271 Added on: 15.11.2009 Comments:0

handdrawn turretA nice turret example, esp. if you got a pro edition.
Cat:Examples Views: 1266 Downloads: 275 Added on: 06.11.2009 Comments:0

A example of nice fog of war. Most likely for use in strategy games.
Cat:Examples Views: 686 Downloads: 179 Added on: 06.11.2009 Comments:1

A example of how-to-do view zoom in\out (in-example, handled by mouse wheel)
Cat:Examples Views: 485 Downloads: 150 Added on: 24.10.2009 Comments:1

A example of drawing more "real" 3d in lite edition of gamemaker. Includes example of player (ball, w/ 3d physics).
Cat:Examples Views: 404 Downloads: 158 Added on: 24.10.2009 Comments:1

Sample of lite edition compatible light system. Includes omni and flash light. Inside, a interactive demonstration of features.
Cat:Examples Views: 576 Downloads: 291 Added on: 19.10.2009 Comments:1

Sprite rectangle system. Very helpfull in creation of ui.
Cat:Examples Views: 407 Downloads: 137 Added on: 17.10.2009 Comments:2

A example of how to make non-individual outline for objects (see screenshot).
Cat:Examples Views: 498 Downloads: 212 Added on: 17.10.2009 Comments:2

A example of how-to-do a clock that'll show time elapsed from the game start.
Cat:Examples Views: 495 Downloads: 202 Added on: 17.10.2009 Comments:2

A example of a how-to-setup a system that will allow you to draw sprites by calling scripts from events other than draw event. Depth-sorting supported.
Cat:Examples Views: 641 Downloads: 194 Added on: 08.10.2009 Comments:0

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