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Projects: Warcraft III

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These are the projects, related to Warcraft III modding, that I'm developing\taking part in developing.

PetriBalans 4.0+,Pb5Speedrun 1+,Pb5Lime
View map'page | Warning! At the current moment there is no english version avaible.
This is Vampirism-like map, featuring the battle of 9 humans versus 2 pandas (in late game, dragonspawns).
At the game start, humans must run from center the map and start building a base somewhere. After appearing pandas have half of night to gather some gold from arena's and get starting items.
The next 7 ingame days involve upgrading of bases\equipement. If panda dies, it will ressurect after 30 seconds (in earlier versions it will also loose 30% of exprience). If human's primary worker dies, all units owned by human are destroyed and he gets ressurected as panda and may aid the 'dark side' in killing other players of oppositing team.
Humans can win by building a portal that becomes avaible for construction on the morning of day 7.
Pandas can win by killling all humans.

Soul Survior Arena
A map, oriented on true, arcade-like gameplay.
At start of each round, each of active players get a one random unit (currently one of: Tank, Destroyer, Tesla tank, Stealth, Mechwarrior, Marine)
Then you run around, grab power-ups and kill everyone else to be the winner and last survior of round.
Once there's only one left, game shows a couple of statistics, and in 3 seconds the next round starts.
Bots can be added via -addbot command (easy difficulty) or as computer players (medium-hard difficulty, because they will make smart use of abilities).
Gameplay can be improved by using arrow keys to rotate camera and abilities (the [+] button) for tactical planning.

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