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A example of a how-to-setup a system that will allow you to draw sprites by calling scripts from events other than draw event. Depth-sorting supported.
Cat:Examples Views: 680 Downloads: 197 Added on: 08.10.2009 Comments:0

Probably the best tile (road\water\grass\etc) merging technology ever made in gm. Unlike anything made before, provides best control over graphics and perfomance.
Cat:Examples Views: 297 Downloads: 94 Added on: 06.09.2009 Comments:0

A 3d arcade game with high number of features, including online highscores.
Cat:Games Views: 340 Downloads: 148 Added on: 08.08.2009 Comments:0

A simple game with high replayability that'll test your platforming skills a bit.
Cat:Games Views: 362 Downloads: 146 Added on: 08.08.2009 Comments:0

A script that allows drawing text with code formatting (all what you see on picture is drawn by one function call). Extremely usefull for rpg's and other games where you would want to highlight some words in block of text without having to calculate coordinates.
Cat:Examples Views: 303 Downloads: 78 Added on: 07.08.2009 Comments:0

The relatively fastest method of creating destructable terrain in large rooms.
Cat:Examples Views: 302 Downloads: 88 Added on: 06.08.2009 Comments:1

A modification of the engine, posted before, combined with hspeed simulation.
Cat:Examples Views: 397 Downloads: 135 Added on: 06.08.2009 Comments:0

A well-commented example of heightmap terrain and things related to it.
Cat:Examples Views: 293 Downloads: 91 Added on: 02.08.2009 Comments:0

A example of physics in vacuum. A bunch of circles that are interacting with each other and so moving around infinitely. Can be a good starter for some atomic simulation or w\e.
Cat:Examples Views: 261 Downloads: 100 Added on: 20.07.2009 Comments:0

You may know this game of mine already, since it was published quite a time ago and suggested for featured by many players.
This is a puzzle-platform game that evolves many levels of different style, that will test both your timing and mind skills. With all these, includes a advanced level tree, so you always have a choise.
Since every storyline ends, you get some minigames to play.
Cat:Games Views: 438 Downloads: 250 Added on: 11.07.2009 Comments:1

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