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You may have noticed, that i haven't been writing news for a while.
Well, i do not like writing news, i do not like showcasing something that may not be worth viewing, i do not like publishing anything that may not be interesting.
So, to business:
At Files section you may find a lot of examples for GameMaker, and some of mine games;
At Says you may find several tutorials and general tips;
At Pics you may find a lot of screenshots of my games, some images of my work, and other stuff;
At Links you may find links to some sites that may fall into your interests;
3dGs page link is totally useless to you unless you are working with 3d GameStudio and are in search for models.
One thing relating to tag board and its contents: the site is being viewed by people of many different country's, speaking different languages, even not intersecting each other. The site contains a section in Russian language, not visible to you right now.
Have fun.
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After all, I still know how to do optimized 3d games.
This game (temporary project name - Area#7) is oriented on mouse aiming (when you click anywhere, character will attempt to move in that direction), timing, and puzzle solving.
The water-blue thing in screenshots is ice. When stepping on it, character will slide, and you can turn him around (that means changing sliding direction too) by clicking anywhere.
The cyan-blue thing (like in first screenshot) is crystal. It provides much higher sliding speed, and no turning possibilities.
Green sphere things kill you easily, as well as falling down into darkness.
When you die, you return to last checkpoint (or start-point if you didnt got to any checkpoints)
As well as checkpoints & exit points, some levels include secret places (normally not so secret, the main challenge is to get to them alive), which increase your ... Moar!! »
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New stuff:
4 examples for gamemaker7 -

1 new tutorial for gamemaker7 -

And some fractal avatars
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The concept of this small app is amazingly simple. you choose a textfile with lyrics, press a button, put your cursor into typing field in chat, and it "sings" the content. Looks pointless, ha? Well, it is until one day... you want to spam a bit. This aint that generic boring monotonous spam, it's something new to you and fellow chat visitors!
Since you have interval value under control, you can set it to look like human-typed text.
Pre-texts and after texts allow you to even private-message the song someone.
This counts as great weapon. Be wise with great weapons =)

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Site created. will add stuff and interesting things.
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