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Using gmhighscores system
Today we'll discuss, how to use gmhighscores.com online highscore system.

First of all, you have to register at the site.
Here you don't see anything special, or something I should describe better.

Then we log in, and go to manage account page.

Now, go to Register New Game.
At the current stage of site, you don't see anything hard there - you just need to input the game name.
If after clicking the button error page appears, try changing the game name.

Now you get directed to your account page, and your game appears in the list.

You finished with the website part of the action. Now let's see what functions you get provided with.
the example you probably got already contains 3 scripts:

name is player's name, which will be entered to highscores.
score is player's score (which also goes to highscores).
the other 4 variables determine where the score will go and if it will go somewhere at all:

remember, the verification values must match, else the score goes nowhere.

this simple function returns the name of user that stands on position place in the game with id gameID (you can discover it from your account page, again).

same as above, but returns users score.

Example for filling-up the standart highscore table with online highscores:

var _n,_i,i,gameid;
gameid = 196;
for (i = 1; i <= 10; i += 1)
    _i = 0;
    _n = hs_user(i,gameid);
    if (_n != "0")
        _i = hs_score(i,gameid);
    else _n = "";

I hope this tutorial was usefull for you. Good luck in your game developement.
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1 Tamper   (07.11.2009 12:00)
Very nice. :)
Although I don't understand why they have made it so complicated.
It could have been made much simpler with a bit of more effort.
Although, I don't think anyone WANTS to do it... so they win :P


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