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Lets talk a bit about improving collision systems for platform games. ... Read more »
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Did you ever knew about the site called http://www.free-webhosts.com ?
No? Well, pick your time to visit them someday. Even while this may appear as plain adverstiment, that website contains information about free webhosts\domain\etc. services, from all over world of internet. So, worth a look if you're thinking about making your own website.
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Today we'll discuss, how to use gmhighscores.com online highscore system.

First of all, you have to register at the site.
Here you don't see anything special, or something I should describe better.

Then we log in, and go to manage account page.

Now, go to Register New Game.
At the current stage of site, you don't see anything hard there - you just need to input the game name.
If after clicking the button error page appears, try changing the game name.

Now you get directed to your account page, and your game appears in the list.

You finished with the website part of the action. Now let's see what functions you get provided with.
the example you probably got already ... Read more »
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I've made some pictures that can serve as a base for the avatar, all related to different fractals.

Note: all these are separate images, that can be saved and edited when needed.
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